Welcome to Comic Mole Investigates!

Hi and welcome to Comic Mole Investigates!  Before I dive headlong into the proper posts I thought I’d give a brief introduction to myself and what this blog is here for, so here goes!

My name is Vicki, I’m British and I’m in my mid-20s.  I got interested in small press comics about 3 years ago, very soon after getting into drawing my own comics.  Almost as soon as I started buying others’ work I wanted to write about it, and 3 years on I still am.  Hopefully this blog will provide a useful and interesting resource for people who are just getting into UK small press comics, those who want to know more about certain creators, or those who are simply looking for something new to read.  It will cover both printed books and webcomics, and note where some comics cross over into both formats.  Unsurprisingly, more about me can be found on the About Me page, and more about the blog can be found on the About this Blog page.

In addition to the main review posts, I hope that the extra pages I have created for this blog will be useful to readers – as well as the ‘about’ pages mentioned above there are Comment Guidelines, my Contact Information for those who would like their comic to be reviewed, an Index of Creators and Publishers, and an Index of Comics covered in the blog.  This should make it easy to search for a particular review or find out where to buy a certain comic.

Saying that, not all of the blog posts will be straight-up reviews, there will be several post categories listed on the right hand side of the screen under the links to the extra pages.  Here’s a brief rundown of what these categories mean:

Column – An introduction to, and recommendation of, a particular comic or artist. Usually swings more to the positive than a full-blown review, but should mention any prominent points that some readers may not like.

Event – A post to highlight an event that’s coming up and whether or not I am going to be there.

Interview – A question-and-answer interview with a comic creator.

Other – Any posts that are not do not fall into the other categories.

Review – An in-depth look at a particular comic. Usually covers the story, characters, artwork and extras, as well as the facts about the work (when produced, price etc.). Reviews are usually a bit more balanced than a Column, taking into account the positive and negative points of the work (although they usually still constitute a recommendation – I’m not here to ridicule creators’ work, if I don’t like something at all I probably just won’t review it).

Thoughts On… – Hopefully there won’t be too many of these! Thoughts On… are reviews that are rougher around the edges – a bit of food for thought rather than a properly constructed review.

So there you have it! Hopefully I have covered all of the essential points about this new blog, so now I’d better go and write some content – please enjoy!


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