Little Thoughts by Sally Jane Thompson


Little Thoughts is a 24-page collection of short stories by comicker Sally Jane Thompson.  There are 4 mini comics in the book and, as the title suggests, they are all either about the thoughts of the characters, or they raise some thoughtfulness in the reader.

Sally is a member of the new UK comic circle, IndieManga, who started producing comics as a group in 2008.  However Sally had been making comics long before that, with a notable entry to Tokyopop’s ‘Rising Stars of Manga’ in 2007.  The comic she made for the competition can be read in IndieManga’s first anthology ‘Origins’.  Both this and ‘Little Thoughts’ are available to buy from their online shop.

So, onto the comic in question!


The first story in Little Thoughts, ‘Tango’, is about a girl who would change her name to that of the famous the orange drink if she could, and why she might want to do this.  The more pencil-drawn, rather than inked, style used for the last panel on the final page of ‘Tango’ is a good contrast to the rest of the comic and worked really well for me.

Next up, ‘Joined’ is about two characters growing up together and how their relationship changes over time.  It raises thoughts about childhood memories, how important they are to us as adults, and how perhaps some should never be forgotten.

‘Either/Or’, a 7-page comic, is not so much a story as a semi-political series of images contrasting people with more affluent Western lives with those who may not have as comfortable an existence.

And finally, in ‘Distance’, we are asked ‘how close can two people really get?’.  Can we ever know somebody completely?  Of course the answer is ‘no’, but it is certainly interesting to explore how well people think they know each other compared with the truth, and sometimes that truth can hurt a little…

Overall, although the artwork seems older and less polished in places than that seen in her Rising Stars competiton entry printed in ‘Origins’, Little Thoughts works well as a collection.  Sally has broken up the stories with a little pencil sketch at the end of each one which is a charming detail.  The cover is also very well designed using an unusual off-centre character, thick graphical linework and  coloured screentone to great effect.

If you want a comic to read over a quiet contemplative coffee break, then this is the one for you.


5 Responses to “Little Thoughts by Sally Jane Thompson”

  1. This sounds like a lovely comic and right up my street! 😀 Ill defianately be buying this at the next convention! ^_^

  2. We are actually really low on stock right now, and I don’t know if Sally is planning to reprint it. I hope she does as it’s been popular.

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