A New Year, A New Schedule!

Happy new year all!  My new year’s goal for Comic Mole is, rather than having a flurry of updates and then nothing for a month or two, to pace myself to one update every two weeks and try and keep to a steady schedule.

Its unfortunate that I probably can’t manage anything more frequent than a bi-weekly update schedule, but such is life I guess.  I know I’d rather read a blog with a slow but steady stream of updates to one that randomly dumped loads of stuff on me then went dead for weeks at a time!

Actually, it has been suggested that perhaps I could cast about for folks who might like to do a guest review or two.  If anyone likes that idea then please get in touch!  You would need to be able to write about as well as me (e.g. you don’t need a degree in English or anything, but people should hopefully be able to understand what you’re on about ^_~ ).  If anyone were to jump on this idea then their work would be added in between my bi-weekly updates, thus taking us to the dizzying heights of weekly updates every now and then! (if anyone would like to re-visit anything I have already talked about, that’s fine, multiple opinions on things are always welcome)

My first review of the year should be this weekend, once I’ve had a chance to type up my horrendously old fashioned analogue notes into magical digital form.

And with that, I shall bid you farewell until the weekend ^_^


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