The Webcomic List Awards 2009

Perhaps not entirely UK-small-press centric, but I was recently a judge for the Webcomic List Awards 2009 and the results are out today!

The awards ceremony has been presented in comic form, which is a fun way to do it.  I was one of the judges for the Best Non-Traditional Art, Best Black and White Art, and Best Colour Art categories.

It was surprisingly difficult to rank the nominees as often comics simply have different art styles, and you can’t really say whether one is ‘better’ then another.  But it was also fun to talk through the entries with my other half and discuss what we thought of each comic’s artwork as they related to each other.

One find for me was Dresden Codak – I really loved the background art for this comic, and the presentation overall is pretty unique too.  Definitely one to go back and read more of!


One Response to “The Webcomic List Awards 2009”

  1. rebecca burgess Says:

    oh how cool! I just read the comic, this kind of thing is such a nice way to find new comics ^_^

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