About this Blog

In this blog I will be writing about UK small press comics and also sometimes interviewing their creators.  I’ll be covering both webcomics and print comics, and mentioning where some cross over into both formats.

Unfortunately the realm of small press comics can change rather quickly due to the fact that most creators are working on comics in their own time – some people might plan epics that never get finished, or even halt at just one issue.  Other comics may have a complete story but a limited print run, making them very hard to find after the initial copies have all been bought.

Therefore I will try my best to mainly cover comics that look like they have staying power – graphic novels, webcomics that have proven they can run for more than just a couple of chapters, and anthologies that will hopefully be on sale for many years to come.

However, saying that, some of the beauty of the small press is the fact that there are hidden gems out there, or wonderful comics that not everyone may have copies of, so every now and then I might cover something a bit older or harder to find just for fun.

I want this blog to be as readable and easy to use as possible, so I will be writing the majority of my posts like a column rather than random ramblings – I’d like to invite readers to chip in with their own opinions about the comics mentioned too (but please read the Comment Guidelines before posting).

Links will be given to creators’ galleries / webcomics / online shops wherever possible and I will try and keep these sorted into some kind of useable order too – wish me luck!


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