About Me

Surprisingly I’m not actually a mole (*shock*), my name’s Vicki and ever since I got interested in the small press comic scene here in the UK a few years ago, I’ve been writing the odd comic review every now and then.  Its like a compulsion – I can’t seem to stop even though I should probably be spending the time working on my own comics…the bottom line is I just really enjoy writing about comics!

In 2007 I uploaded several reviews onto my website, which randomly lead to me writing the bi-monthly ‘Webcomic Mole Investigates’ column on IndieReview.co.uk.  I might have been quite content just writing the column, but IndieReview haven’t updated for the past couple of months and I have a few articles and interviews sitting around on my PC that I would like people to be able to read.

Coupled with that, I would also like the chance to branch out into covering print comics again.  I am still a great advocate of small press artists putting their work up online as free webcomics, so I enjoyed highlighting some good examples of this in the Webcomic Mole column.  However, the small-press print comic scene (especially for the more manga-inspired comics) is going from strength to strength lately, so it seems a shame not to cover some of the fantastic new graphic novels and ongoing series being released!

More info on me and the things I do can be found in the links below, for more about this blog please check out my About this Blog page – and enjoy!

Links to me:

Bumblemoo Studios – the online home of myself (Vicki/Wikivic), writer Wren and artist Banemoo! I have an online portfolio gallery page on here and an art archive going back to pre-2004

My deviantArt – I don’t use it an awful lot any more, but there is a gallery of most of my newer work here

My LiveJournal – my daily ramblings on life, comics, 3D modelling, photography, cats, food and anything else I happen to be experiencing

My Flickr – holds most of my artsy photos


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