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If you are a UK small press comics creator or publisher and would like your comic(s) to be reviewed in the blog, or have your information added to my links page, then please send your details to me at

bumblemoo @

(removing the spaces)


One Response to “Contact Information”

  1. Dear Vicki,

    I have just stumbled over your lovely site via a link from Emma Vieceli’s blog, my first exposure to Emma’s work being The DFC and after that I was hooked.

    Anyway to cut to the chase, I am a freelance illustrator who has worked on comics off and on but has finally decided to commit to creating an original concept with David Orme, a writer who I had worked with some years previously and who’s ear for teen dialogue, off beat sense of humour and sheer creativity made me determined that at some point we would collaborate on a graphic novel together.

    We as yet don’t have a publishing deal but come what may we are determined to get this comic to as wide an audience as possible. At present we have the first book (one of a trilogy) entirely scripted and 20 out of sixty pages entirely artworked.

    We would love to show you more and if you could spare a moment to check out “Cloud 109” we would be honoured indeed.

    With Very Best Wishes to You,

    Peter Richardson

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